She sold her car 

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Last night, I went to dinner with my mom, and she handed me a check for $1,000.

The money was from Estela, the 92-year-old woman that my mother cares for. Estela treats my mother like a daughter — and she wanted my mom to know that she was here to help.

Estela sold her car to give me that money, because she knows what we need to win. I’ve never met her, but Estela knows my family’s story, and she believes that we can win this race.

I want to to double Estela’s donation today — will you help me raise another $1,000 in her honor?

Election Day is April 4th. That means we have a little over two months to raise the resources we need to knock on the door of every eligible voter. That’s how we’ll win this race. But it costs money to mount an operation like that.

I don’t have big establishment endorsements or rich donors in my corner. I have the power of the people, our grassroots supporters. Estela reminded me that together, there’s nothing we can’t do.

Join Estela and donate today:


Wendy Carrillo
Candidate for Congress, 34th District


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