No ban, no wall 

WordPress WC,

Today, I attended the Semillas Community Schools forum for indigenous youth at Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory.

I was energized by the chance to honor our ancestors, and discuss solutions to protect immigrants in our community. As an unrecognized Central American refugee who came here as a child, protecting immigrants is one of my top priorities.

Invest in this team because we need representatives now more than ever who represent our community.

There are lots of candidates in this race, but I am the only one who has the experience of coming here as an unrecognized refugee. I am the only one who was undocumented. I am the only one who can truly speak to those experiences in Congress.

Growing up undocumented, I learned that our communities already have what they need to be truly empowered. Even in Trump’s America, I believe that is true.

And that’s why I’m asking for your donation. This community, Team Wendy, has all we need to win, because we have each other.

Thanks for all you do,

Wendy Carrillo
Candidate for Congress, 34th District


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