Wendy Carrillo

Observations on culture, politics, travel, lifestyle, dating and anything Latino. @wendycarrillo

Published Work

The below are published pieces found online on various subjects with several forms of multi-media usage. Enjoy!

09.22.10 Huffington Post: John Legend on Obama, Politics, and Education

09.15.10 Spot.us: Mexico’s Bicentennial: A Five Day Photo-Journey Through Mexico City & Historic Celebrations

09.04.10 Brand X (LA Times Social): Is That All There Is To Turning 30?

09.02.10 Huffington Post: Machete Is Taking Away Good American Jobs!

08.03.10 Huffington Post: Arizona SB1070 in Full Effect (VIDEO)

07.28.10 Huffington Post: Immigrant Students Challenge Senator Harry Reid at Netroots Nation includes video interviews

07.24.10 Huffington Post: LAUSD School Board President Calls Out Meg Whitman on Latino Rhetoric

07.07.10 Huffington Post: Trashpicking to Pay Rent in East LA

06.08.10 Huffinton Post: California Superintendent of Public Instruction: More Than Just a Job

05.21.10 Huffinton Post: A Salvadoran Immigrant Story

04.27.10 Huffington Post: Taco Truck Throwdown at #CADem2010 with photo slide show

03.04.10 Huffington Post: ‘Manifest Equality’ A Call to Action LGBT Rights & Art includes video

01.10.10 Neon Tommy: Opinion: Wait, Perez Hilton is Hispanic of the Year?

12.22.09 Neon Tommy: Book Review: From Mariachis To New Wave Punk: A Look At Mexican-American Music In L.A.

12.01.09 Neon Tommy: Lifestyle: Hollywood Celebrates A Holiday Tradition includes multi-media photoslide show

11.09.09 Annenberg Radion News: Radio Feature: Veterans Talk, Friends And Family Listen in collaboration with The Veterans Listening Project in conjunction with NPR’s StoryCorps’ featuring the stories of Danny Hernandez & Maria Uribe

11.09.09 Neon Tommy: Lifestyle: East L.A. Reclaims ‘Dia de los Muertosincludes multi-media photoslide show

08.30.09 Neon Tommy: Opinion: Oaxacan Mother & Child Lost In Translation immigration, race & gender

04.01.09 Neon Tommy: Fashion: Street Chic Fashion Show Celebrates Diversity includes multi-media photoslide show

03.09.09 Neon Tommy: The Arts: (Not) Racing To Write Race (Effectively) A critique on race debates in Los Angeles

03.24.09 Pop & Politics: Opinion: The Politics of Race: A Latina Journalism Student in a White University Race, Gender & Education

03.09.09 Pop & Politics: Ghostface Killa Defends Rihanna Music, Women & Violence

03.06.09 Pop & Politics: Pimp Mayor for Pimp City Los Angeles Politics, includes photo slide show

01.22.09 Pop & Politics: Inauguration Tickets of Doom Inauguration Coverage

01.20.09 Pop and Politics Interviews Students from the University of Chicago video, Inauguration Coverage

01.20.09 Pop and Politics Interviews the California Young Democrats video, Inauguration Coverage

01.20.09 Pop and Politics Interviews Dennis Kucinich About the Gaza Conflict video, Inauguration Coverage

01.18.09 Pop and Politics: Obama! 50% Off! Photo Slide Show, Inauguration Coverage

01.17.09 Pop and Politics: Inauguration Diary:From Los Angeles to Washington D.C”Longest. Flight. Ever. Inauguration Coverage

11.10.08 CNN iReport: Long Lines for Front Page of Obama LA Times. video

11.10.08 CNN iReport: Waiting in Line for LA Times. video

10.04.08 Huffington Post: Journal: Justin Timberlake — He’s Got His Vote In A Box OffTheBus Grassroots Campaign Correspondent

10.03.08 Huffington Post: Journal: Palin Flirts With America; Biden Wins Debate OffTheBus Grassroots Campaign Correspondent

09.08.08 Daily Trojan/CBS: Opinion: Community Organizers’ Actions Worth More Than GOP Slander Politics

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